I started my passion for homes in the 1990’s and something that
began as a “weekend warrior” hobby has ultimately led me into home
renovations and repairs, which has led me me to become a Home
Inspector. I have been educated in framing structures, roofing,
electrical, pumbing, heating/cooling, insulation and much more. My
professionalism in business is reflected through my desire for
perfection. You will find me articulate, punctual and my appearance
professional. My goal is to attain the highest level of service for my
clients and to provide them with a report that will them make a
accurate decision on a new home prurchase or to just evaluate the
current state of their existing home ha which to sell. I successfully
completed the 90 hour classroom time, passed the National Home
Inspector Examination and contine to further my knowledge by
attending various home inspector meetings/seminars.

Call: 860-550-2889